Why Joborbis?

About Joborbis

We are an international, sustainable and dynamic start-up that aims on connecting the best employers and international applicants of the market. 

We all know that the world has changed. Europe is surrounded by globalization and companies' cultures are shaped according to a dynamic, flexible and international environment. In this world where having the best employees is crucial, we believe that must be a better way to find applicants than the traditional "apply only if you speak Chinese, although you won't use it" method.

With that being said, we aim to connect Europe. We want applicants to feel confident to apply to any position they want, just by knowing that they won't be rejected due to misunderstanding language requirements. At the same time, we want to give employers the freedom to recruit an applicant in the other side of Europe if they believe he/she is the most suitable for the position.

Our Services

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Job Posting

Be part of our globalized community and advertise your position to applicants from all around the globe.

CV Search

Do your own headhunting and choose amongst the most qualified international applicants.

Feature your position

Make your job positions more visible and bring the best applicants only.

Brand exposure

Become one of our Top Blue Partners and increase your brand image to thousands of job seekers.

Help the Environment

Post a job and automatically help us to plant trees on developing countries.

Manage Applications

Easily track applicants in real time, open profiles and/or download directly CV's and skill set information.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Joborbis is setting a sustainable development agenda more ambitious and environmental focused than any other job search engine has ever done before. As important as out candidates and employers, we believe the environment must be protected.

Because of that, we promise to plant 1 tree for each and every vacancy on our website.  

Want to do your own headhunting?

Tips and tricks.
As we believe on the power of being proactive, Joborbis also offers a simple, easy to use CV search engine where firms can find the most suitable applicants and contact them directly if they wish.

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