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Joborbis Terms and Conditions

01. Introduction Welcome to our website. using and assessing the website Joborbis.com, as well as using any service provided by this domain, you expressly agree to the following terms and conditions. Joborbis reserves the right, at any time and without notice, to change its policy's access to its website, its services and its terms and conditions.

The use of this website is subject to the following terms of use:

02. Limitation of Liability The information displayed on Joborbis.com may contain technical and substantive inaccuracies from different parties. Joborbis.com cannot be held liable for any direct or indirect damage arising from the use of the information on its platform/website. Nevertheless, if you find any inaccuracies in the information displayed on the website, you can contact Joborbis through the email info@joborbis.com.

The information displayed on the website is subject to change with or without noticeJoborbis.com and/or its partners may make improvements and/or changes to this website at any time. Joborbis has no warranties for the proper functioning of the website and cannot be held responsible in any way for any malfunction or temporary availability of the website or for any form of direct or indirect damage which would arise from access to or use of the website. may also contain links to websites managed by third parties. These links are offered for your convenience only and Joborbis exercises no control over the aforementioned websites and their content. Therefore, Joborbis.com does not accepts any liability whatsoever regarding the content or its functioning. The inclusion of links to these websites does not mean that Joborbis approves and/or supports the elements that contain these sites, and does not necessarily imply any collaboration between Joborbis.com and the publishers of these sites.

The user is not allowed to change, copy, distribute, transmit, reproduce, publish, license, transmit, transfer, disclose, sell, or create work derived from the aforementioned elements. The user may use the website solely on the condition that he guarantees Joborbis.com that it is not for use contractual prohibited purposes, legal or illegal. Joborbis.com reserves the right to refuse or remove any publication, for any reason, without justification.

03. Jobs A job position placed on Joborbis.com must meet the following conditions:
  1. It must be placed in the heading and sub-heading that are attached. Joborbis.com has the right to move a position to the correct heading, job type and subcategory without any notice.
  2. Job positions of third parties who are themselves selling job positions are prohibited without notice and can be deleted.
  3. It is forbidden to update the same job position on Joborbis.com at the same time, unless the position exists in two or more geographical areas. In that case, one position can be placed on each area.
  4. It is forbidden for employers to add a link to a website as background information. If the content of the website is relevant to the job position, the employer may copy and paste under the description of its job. Joborbis.com does not accept links that refer to other ads or commercial sites.
  5. It is not allowed to list keywords, categories or job types in the description of your ad if those keywords do not relate to the job position added.
  6. By placing a job position on Joborbis.com, you give Joborbis permission to use the content and photos of your advertisement in any type of promotions from Joborbis.
  7. Ads for the sole purpose of advertising a company, shop or website are not allowed and will be deleted without previous notice.
  8. Joborbis reserves the right to refuse, change or delete ads.
  9. The use of automatic tools on ads is not allowed on this website.

Joborbis.com is not responsible for the content of the advertisements displayed on the website and for the links that may be mentioned. These rules apply to all types of ads present on this site.

04. Privacy Policy Joborbis attaches importance to your privacy. Nevertheless, users (both employers and applicants) have the option of making their profile private or public to others. We take all technical and organizational measures to prevent the loss, misuse or alteration of all personal information we receive on our website. This information will only be used by Joborbis and its partners in the context of: 

  • Controlling access to the website
  • The conduct of market studies
  • Select interesting packages, internships, part-time jobs, early career jobs, voluntary jobs, and/or temporary jobs and send them by e-mail
  • Sending electronic newsletters
  • Any invoices to be made and sent
  • Keep users informed about positions related to their interest
  • Research about possible candidates/applicants that fit the interest based on the information publicly displayed with consent

you are encouraged to send us an e-mail via info@joborbis.comWe will do everything to identify and correct the problem.

Joborbis.com, cookies may be placed on your computer's hard disk in order to improve the matching of the website and the needs of the returning visitor. These cookies are not used for researching browsing behavior on other websites. Nevertheless, your Internet browser allows you to prevent the use of cookies so that you may receive a warning when a cookie is installed or you subsequently remove cookies from your hard drive. If you decline the cookies, access to the site will may be.

06. Candidates By applying to any position displayed on Joborbis.com, the candidate declare that all his/her information registered on his/her profile is accurate and legit, and that he/she is legally entitled to work in the country of the position he applied for.

07. Sustainability As described on the page "Sustainability', Joborbis and its team compromise themselves to plant a number of trees every year. The exact number can be calculated according to the jobs packages purchased by employers and their respective number of trees included in each package. Every year, Joborbis will choose a location and send one or more of its representatives to plant the seeds. A country/forest/farm can be chosen more than once. Joborbis can also chose one of its sustainable partners to plan for it, with the negotiation being up to their own discretion. A full documentation will be made of the reforestation.

Belgian law applies to this website. In the event of a dispute, only the courts of the Brussels district are competent.