Have you ever wondered why we never hear the word "sustainability" around online websites?

Although we may think that only physical production companies are harmful for the environment, the truth is that a single website of just 1000 visitors per month generates around 377kg of CO2 during that period.

As the digital world becomes part of our lives, the energy used to power millions of computers is often no different from the energy used by factories in terms of polluting the air.


Yearly statistics about an average website of 1000 visitors per month.
  • 377kg of CO2 produced
  • 128kg of trash of waste that will need to be recycled
  • 524kW spent on eletricity
  • 728standard lightbulbs turned on for 1 hour

1 job vacancy = 1 tree planted

 Joborbis is the first job searching community with solid sustainability plans. 

Our aim is not only to help the community of globalized employers and job seekers, but we also believe that helping the environment is the only way to guarantee a sustainable future. Because of that, we promise to plant 1 tree for each and every job vacancy posted on our website. 

Top Blue Partners

Each and every one of them contributed for a sky more blue.

*The calculations displayed were made for a website that has 1000 monthly visitors plus a 10h a week of administration time. The US national average of 12 cents per kilowatt-hour is used to calculate cost. The US national average of .72 kilograms of CO2 emissions for every kilowatt-hour. Estimate of 50 watts-hour for laptops and 200 watts-hour for desktops. Based on 2008 laptop vs. desktop computer sales, it is assumed that 50% of visitors have laptops. All numbers are rounded to nearest whole number. Statistical data used for calculations is from