• "Internationals" is a broad word. Joborbis encourages globalized dynamic companies and applicants. Joborbis is for everyone, but the positions available on the website are for English-speakers, no matter what nationality. 
  • Although no other applicant can see your information, you can choose if your profile will be visible to the employers by selecting the option "Yes" on "Available for search". This way, you can also be recruited by employers who opt for doing their own headhunting. 
  • No, you do not need to complete your profile with your experiences, for example. However, we strongly encourage applicants to let their profile as complete as possible in order to optimize their applications. 
  • Next to each position, you can find a heart shaped button. You can add as many positions as you want. 
  • In the end of the year, all trees are planted on developing countries chosen by our team in order to support local farmers. You can check the full story on the page "Sustainability". 
  • If you have any problem, concern or suggestion, please send us an email to info@joborbis.com 
  • While Joborbis will always be free for candidates, it is also free for employers for a limited time.There are different affordable packages that will fit your needs. For more details, please send us a message.
  • It is easy! Just follow the following steps:

    1. Join Us and create your profile. We strongly suggest you filling in as much information in detail in order to have better results.
    2. Searching for a job is done by going to the “HOME” page and typing the desired “Search keywords”. You can also be more specific and add/choose the desire category shown in “all specialism’; and/or “all locations”.
    3. Or, by clicking on “FOR CANDIDATES” page and you can choose what you a want to search.Usually, users click on “Browse Jobs” and from there you can search as explained above in step 2.
    1. By clicking on the company. It will take you to their job description, scroll down and click on Apply now.
    2. There could be the possibility of applying with other social media, depending of the company’s choice; if that’s the case, a button stating the social media origin(e.g. LinkedIn) will appear for you to apply with it if you desire.  
    3. In some cases, you may be asked extra information; we suggest you filling out all information asked to be able to complete your job application. In other applications, by clicking “apply now” it will redirect to the employer’s website where you can fill out the application directly on their website.

  • You will need to first sign in to your account. After the login is successful, your profile will appear;

    In the left-hand side of the page you will see a menu with different options such as “My Profile”, “My Resume”,“Shortlisted jobs”, etc. Choose the category you would like to edit.

    My Profile,Add/delete the information you would like to edit, then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the “update” button.

    My Resume, to add new information just click where it says “+Add new” under each category and when finished adding or editing the information just click on the Add Button.

    Deleting information, in“My profile” you only need to over-write what you want to change, or select what is written and delete it, then scroll down and click update. For the other categories, you only have to select the trash icon that appears in the right-hand side of the information you have added to your profile.

  • In general, it’s not possible to contact an employer because they have asked us not to display their contact information. We suggest you to find contact information through a search engine or on the employer’s website. 

  • Depending your network connection,you might experience some delay. You can refresh the page and try updating the information a couple of times. If the problem continues for long, you can contact us to info@joborbis.com 

  • If you forgot your password, you should click on forgot password, then enter Username or Email address and click on “SEND EMAIL”. This will send you an email with a personal link that will allow you to change your password easily. In most cases, this link will take 1-5 minutes to arrive to your email. In others it could take longer, therefore we recommend you to wait at most 30-45 minutes to get the email. If the email hasn’t arrived in that time frame, you can try again asking for the reset email.

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