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goods to give

Shout-out to Goods to Give!

We came in contact with G2G a few months ago, and the work of this social organization has been changing the way people think about poverty and cooperation among the business world.

Did you know that over 2 million people live at risk of poverty or social exclusion in Belgium? At the same time, in the industrial world, more than €100 million in new (non-food) products remain in companies’ stocks and end up being destroyed every year.

Goods to Give collects these non-food products from 38 partnering companies and redistributes them to people in need through an efficient and transparent platform. Through an easy-to-use platform, over 290 partnering social organizations can order from an online catalog. These orders are then registered, stored and prepared by the warehouse until they reach those in need.

Their approach is simple: to be as transparent and efficient as possible, so that every company can efficiently and concretely augment its sustainable impact. With a single gesture, firms can help the right people, increase their CSR impact and also make savings that otherwise would have been wasted as storage or cost of destruction.


We are proud to support these successful organization with its mission.

Do you want to help out? They also have volunteering positions online on our platform!

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